Graphic Design

I made a brochure and changed their logo for Ivy Gate. The flyer was to tell new clients about them and how to contact them. I used pictures from their Facebook page and the ones I took. They wanted sunflowers in their logo to make people feel happy and welcome. They picked three flowers to represent faith, hope, and love.

I got to help a nail company called Fine & Filed make their first logo. They wanted gold for a fancy vibe and purple for a queenly touch. They asked for diamonds to make it extra luxurious. I picked fonts to make the logo look sharp, fine, and rich.

I helped Conerstone Healthcare by creating a brochure and updating their logo. The flyer was meant to share info with potential new students, including how to contact them. I used some of the pictures from Pixabay.  They wanted a Butterfly in the logo to make people feel happy and welcome. 

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