Ivy Gate

The Ivy Gate brochure needed to tell people about their services and how to contact them. But the old logo didn’t have the things they wanted, like sunflowers for faith, hope, and love. So, we made a new brochure and changed the logo to include three sunflowers. Now, when people see it, they feel welcomed and happy.

We used pictures from Ivy Gate’s Facebook page and some I took myself. This makes the brochure look real and interesting. With the new design, the brochure shows Ivy Gate is friendly and easy to reach. 

So, if someone sees the brochure, they’ll know what Ivy Gate does and how to get in touch. It’s a nice way to say hello to new clients!


The brochure for Ivy Gate needed to effectively communicate the company’s services and contact information to potential clients. Additionally, the original logo lacked the desired elements, such as sunflowers representing faith, hope, and love, to create a welcoming and positive impression.


By redesigning the brochure and incorporating the requested sunflower elements into the logo, the brochure now effectively conveys Ivy Gate’s message of warmth, positivity, and accessibility to new clients. The use of both pictures from their Facebook page and original photographs adds authenticity and visual appeal, helping to create a connection with the audience. Overall, the updated brochure provides a clear and inviting introduction to Ivy Gate and encourages potential clients to reach out.

Old Logo / New Logo